Life's dichotomies are fascinating. Physical versus digital. Static versus moving. One person versus another. What fascinates me about them is that many times, there are ways to marry the two, a way both can live harmoniously together.
Exploring the space between them is where my creative practice and process lies.
A Matisse face sketch generator, or, what I've dubbed: The Sims x Matisse. Exploring the space where generative code meets masterful art. Try it here. Spring 2021
Discovering this space requires navigating a new landscape, observing and then using these findings to create a unique and fitting outcome. Much of my work, though not always in motion, is dynamic and flowing. I believe that most things are not static. Everything has an energy, and that energy should be allowed to be unleashed into the world.
Select excerpts from an anthology mimicking the increasing absurdity and appeal of conspiracy theories. The theories, pulled from sources such as Times magazine and Reddit, are distorted through physical scanning over plastic wrap and ink before being further abstracted in Photoshop. The level of distortion matches the absurdity of the theory. Flip down the rabbit hole yourself. Spring 2020
In all, this philosophy requires collaborative expansion, growth and learning. As a trained facilitator, this means asking questions, wondering about the nature of things and finding ways to merge disparate viewpoints and goals. As a designer, this means that the concept must be strong for the outcome to be strong. As a human, this means continual exploration, risk taking and listening. I aim to embody all three.