Parsons Festival Motion Design and Projection Graphics
The Parsons Festival is the annual showcase of Parsons School of Design graduates, celebrating their achievements in completing a rigorous design program. As part of University Design Studio, led by Lucille Tenazas, the class was tasked with branding the 2021 festival, including the website hub , as well as motion design for 18 ft by 7 ft projections of graduating student work on Parsons' 5th Ave and 12th St windows and accompanying social media assets. Using a logo developed by Chloe Gad and in collaboration with Alisa Su and Jamie Chen, a wide variety of window projections were developped, along with Instagram and Facebook assets.
Spring 2021 | In collaboration with Alisa Su and Jamie Chen. Logo by Chloe Gad.
GIF for Parsons Festival, showing a partitioned FESTIVAL moving smoothly from right to left across the screen.
The logo showcases a fragmented festival, flanked by Parsons and 2021. To highlight the building block nature of the logo, each fragment smoothy slots into their space, coming in at first quickly but then softly. This movement emphasizes how Parsons is a combination of parts, each individual yet fitting together cleanly.
An example of a graphic made for Parsons Instagram account.
These final iterations came after a process of exploration, including playing with potential logo lockups and animation for the Festival. Although not selected, this exploration gave way to more fruitful motion for the window projections.
Initial logo explorations, playing with timing, composition and typography.