Mahalia 'Isolation Tapes' Promo
This 30-second motion graphics piece introduces Mahalia's May 2020 EP 'Isolation Tapes'. Using both rain and flower videos, the graphic explores both the upbeat tempos of 'Plastic Plants' and 'Too Nice' while also the somber context of a pandemic that the EP was created in.
Fall 2020 | Motion Design
Album art for Mahalia's EP Isolation Tapes.
The album art for the Isolation Tapes EP is moody, foggy and showcases both a sharper serif (Cormorant, from Google Fonts) tracked quite wide and hand written elements. I wanted to bring to life this combination, by over emphasizing the tracking and sweeping in the hand written elements.
A snippet showing Too Nice being introduced. All video sourced is copyright and royalty free.
The video introduces the three songs on the EP - each with it's own kaleidoscopic and tiled scene of flowers, changing and morphing along with the tempo of the music. These brighter flowers along with the quieter and more chilling rain drops encapsulates Mahalia's and this EP's mix of pop and upbeat rhythms with smoother, soul-like vocals.