Gloria Steinem Interview Promo
This 30-second motion graphics piece introduces New York Time Magazine's David Marchese's September 2020 interview with Gloria Steinem, titled 'Gloria Steinem Is Nowhere Done with Being an Activist'. The promo uses dynamic typography, 70s colors and cutout photography to portray Steinem's enthusiasm, candor and rawness.
Fall 2020 | Motion Design
Photos of Gloria Steinem throughout the years that served as inspiration for the video. All images from Wikipedia Commons.
Gloria Steinem has been an activist for almost 50 years. Capturing her varied, energetic and important work was vital to the success of the promo. This meant using imagery from across her life, and finding captivating ways of showcasing it.
The typefacess used are Agrandir by Pangram Pangram and Mrs. Eaves. Combining a modern sans-serif with a more classic serif meant to capture both the timeliness and timelessness of Steinem's work. The letters move between fonts, adding to the upbeat feel of the promo.
The fonts changing added a quirkiness and natural movement to each scene, which was then mimicked in graphical elements like the stars here, or onto photography.
The color palette is inspired by the 70s - varied bright colors with a touch of earthiness. These colors were brought in for impactful moments and to tie together the photography, typography and even the New York Times logo.
Had to give the New York Times logo some love.