A Chapbook Generator is a poetry chapbook generator, unique to each person who visits. Using RiTa.js and the Wordnik API, takes lines of pre-written poetry and reworks them using the word that is inputted by the visitor. This includes finding synonyms, antonyms and related words to the inputted word, as well as rebuilding lines of poetry by parts of speech. The abstract poetry and imagery are then compiled into an online chapbook using Bindery.js. Bindery.js has the capability to print the work, going from a computationally generated item to a physical chapbook.
Spring 2021 | Creative Coding and Print
A photo showing printed
A collection of chapbooks made using the generator. Each one is completely unique in how the imagery, poetry and color come together.
The imagery is photos accidentally taken on an iPhone and distorted using SVG filters. These photos were chosen for their ethereal quality and amorphous shapes, allowing the visitor to gather their own feelings and assumptions from the images, and giving space for a wide variety of themes and topics.
The poetry is formatted using random line spacing and tabbing, adding dynamism and dimensionality to the text and emphasizing the abstract nature of the poems.
Though not always perfect poetry, it is always unique.